it’s kind of ridiculous that we have to work our asses off for 13 years in school just to work our asses off for another 2-8+ years in college just to work our asses off in a job that we probably don’t even like, when we were born on this earth without a choice and i for one certainly didn’t sign up for that

this is seriously all i fucking think about

then we all die. The end.



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Anonymous asked:
if you go around insulting people for what they eat you are, in fact, a asshole




You are making the common mistake of reducing animals to a “what” instead of a “who”. “What” refers to inanimate, non-sentient objects. Things which cannot think or feel. Interesting tidbit of information: animals can, in fact, think and feel. They are sentient beings. (You may need to look that word up…take your time.)

Animals are not products or objects. If you pay someone to exploit, harm, and kill others for things you don’t need (all animal products) then you are, in fact, “a asshole”

Can you all please stop pushing your beliefs on other people? We respect your beliefs and opinions so please don’t push them onto other people. Pushing your beliefs on what a person should or should not eat is no different than pushing your beliefs about religion. People who push their beliefs about religion on either side of religion are assholes. So please stop trying to pressure people into believing and feeling bad about what they believe in. That goes for both ends of the spectrum.

I’m reeeeeeeeeally tired of carnists comparing veganism to a religion. I’m an atheist and I have no problem with any religion until it is being used as justification for hurting others. The same goes for other behaviors! You can eat WHAT you want, but WHO you eat is not some kind of personal choice. Things stop being personal choices when they affect someone else. Furthermore, it is not my “belief” that animals feel pain, it is not my “belief” that animal products have negative impacts on a person’s health, it is not my “belief” that animal agriculture is causing massive environmental destruction. Don’t hide behind “it’s my personal choice” and “stop insulting my beliefs” to justify participating in animal cruelty. Just don’t.